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Thu Sep 10 10:34:07 UTC 2020

Thank you Reinis!

Please bear with me...
It seems that I'm getting different results than I described earlier...

In fact it is now working for the most part... 
The errors are limited to certain files in Chrome on the Mac, but not in
Safari or Firefox.

>What do you mean by "got deeper" can you give a sample url that doesn't
>Like what the uri is currently and what you need it to be?

Different browsers show different results... Yes, I'm check in browsers. 
I'm not good with logs yet.

using your suggested rewrite:
>rewrite ^/e/(.*) /$1 permanent;

This example is for one slide in a slideshow of posters...

In Safari on a Mac/iPad/iPhone:
the expected result is:

In Chrome on a Mac (only?)
the erroneous result is:

This error is odd because I'm not using port 8080 at this time. 

The same error is also true for these files:
and all of the posters in the associated slideshow
and all of the art in the slideshow

I would think the slideshow widget is the cause, but these other two slide
shows in the gallery work correctly.

In Chrome on the Mac
the expected result is:
the expected result is:

Do you think that this might be related to nginx or the redirect?

If not, I don't want to bother you about it.
The fact that it rewrites
makes me think it might be related.

Odd, however, that is is just happening in Chrome.
Safari and Firefox are okay.

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