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Sat Apr 17 09:27:32 UTC 2021

On Sat, Apr 17, 2021 at 01:40:26PM +0900, tommys_project at wrote:

Hi there,

> I work on configuring for ssi on my environments but got errors like this once I check test.html with the following configulations:
> Updated on: (none) [an error occurred while processing the directive]

"(none)" is because nginx-ssi does not set LAST_MODIFIED.

"[an error occurred" is because nginx-ssi does not do "#exec".

> Can you help me to fix the issues?

One web site with useful-looking information is and links from there.

That describes what one old version of nginx was seen to do, and describes some manual workarounds that mattered to the author.

They may or may not apply in your case.

Possibly the things that you want, can't be done in stock
nginx-ssi. Possibly they can be done with an additional tool, or an
alternate tool.

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