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Hi there,

> > > I work on configuring for ssi on my environments but got errors like this once I check test.html with the following configulations:
> > > 
> > > Updated on: (none) [an error occurred while processing the directive]
>> >
>> > "(none)" is because nginx-ssi does not set LAST_MODIFIED.
>> > "[an error occurred" is because nginx-ssi does not do "#exec".
> I should install ngx_http_ssi_module?
> I was not able to install ngx_http_ssi_module because it looks there is not option for installing ssi modules like --with-http_ssi_module at compiling nginx.

The module is installed and working. You would get a different error
message if it were not.

(You would have to add --without-http_ssi_module at configure/compile
time to remove it.)

> "ssi_last_modified on" is written at location but is it not enough?

That works, but does not do what you want. It does not make the
apache-like LAST_MODIFIED variable have the value you want.

> LAST_MODIFIED is displayed at my environments without issues once I changed LAST_MODIFIED to DATE_GMT as that website says!

I think DATE_GMT shows "now", not anything to do with a modified

> However looks #exec I need is not supported...
> Only some ssi commands for apache are available on nginx for now?


"""Currently, the list of supported SSI commands is incomplete."""

I think it will not change, until someone is inspired to write the code.

If you need "full" ssi, you probably need something other than nginx.

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