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Lance Dockins lance at wordkeeper.com
Thu Aug 12 02:48:48 UTC 2021

I’ll try recompiling nginx with that to see if that changes anything.

Also, to be clear, I know that r.internalRedirect won’t happen.  I actually stripped the access function down to almost it’s barest content to demonstrate the point and left that code in there just to demo what we do at the end of the route when we don’t just have a debug statement at the top of the function. Normally we either allow or deny the request and then just try to load the originally intended content for that block (though we have to internalRedirect to get that to work).  Even without that internalRedirect statement in the code, just returning the object data with no other code in the function is returning an empty JS object.

In fact, even your code is returning nothing.  I just set it to this:

function access(r){
    var jObj = JSON.stringify(r.args) + '\n';

    try {
        var parseJSON = JSON.parse(jObj);
    } catch (err) {
        r.return(400, 'Cannot parse jObj');

    r.return(200, jObj);


export default {access}

When I submit a POST with vars, I still get an empty object in the response.

Lance Dockins
On Aug 11, 2021, 9:42 PM -0500, Sergey A. Osokin <osa at freebsd.org.ru>, wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 09:38:50PM -0500, Lance Dockins wrote:
> > Oh… and to reiterate, I get similarly empty object responses
> > when access the variables and rawVariables objects.  Most of
> > them seem to be empty objects, actually.
> I'd recommend to enable nginx debugging log as I mentioned earlier.
> Thank you.
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> Sergey
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