NJS Questions and/or Bugs

Sergey A. Osokin osa at freebsd.org.ru
Thu Aug 12 02:57:29 UTC 2021

On Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 09:48:48PM -0500, Lance Dockins wrote:
> I’ll try recompiling nginx with that to see if that changes anything.

I'd recommend to use official packages for Linux from the following URL,

> In fact, even your code is returning nothing.

That's definitely something wrong on your side.  Please simplify the
nginx configuration, remove all unnecessary directives.


> When I submit a POST with vars, I still get an empty object in the response.

A couple of suggestions:

- Have you enabled debugging log?  If so, could you share nginx-error.log.
- How did you test the code?  Here's my shell script:


curl -v --data-binary @test.bin\&baz=1


Please report when all suggested points are done, thanks.


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