HTTP/3 with Firefox and forms

Ryan Gould ryanbgould at
Wed Jan 27 16:55:24 UTC 2021

hello all you amazing developers,

i check every day for new updates being
posted.  on monday (Jan 25 2021) i noticed these five new updates:

the latest build seems to have a problem with submitting forms and the
latest production and developer versions of Firefox.  i am not having
the same problem with Edge or Chrome.

my backend is PHP 7.3.26 on a Debian 10.7.  it doesnt actually do any
POSTing in Firefox.  php is not getting any data at all.  these forms
are running code thats been untouched for five years or so.

reverting to my Jan 11 2021 build of nginx resolves the problem for
forms and Firefox.

this is probably a problem with Mozilla, but if you have any fixes...

thank you for your incredible work.
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