Using nginx as a HLS reverse proxy with Envoy?

Reinis Rozitis r at
Tue Jul 13 20:40:44 UTC 2021

> How would that work?
> From the presentation on RTMP it looks like that nginx is just serving cached VODs instead of the actual stream.

RTMP and HLS are two different streaming technologies. 
HLS just consists of a playlist (.m3u8) file (usually the player reads it by continuously making http requests) which points to video chunk files which again are served via simple http. This is why (contrary to rtmp) hls is easy to scale/cache and/or use via all kinds of CDNs.

> And even if it can actually proxy the requests (which I doubt)

It can. 

> , it can't be configured dynamically.

As to "dynamically" depends on what are your needs.

The commercial nginx plus version provides an API [1] for dynamic upstream configuration but you are not limited by it. 
For example you can use Lua code [2] to determine/set upstream in a very dynamic way. There are also some third party modules with such functionality.

But again you didn't actually specify what is the issue?



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