Using nginx as a HLS reverse proxy with Envoy?

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Tue Jul 13 21:18:57 UTC 2021

On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 10:41 PM Reinis Rozitis <r at> wrote:

> > How would that work?
> > From the presentation on RTMP it looks like that nginx is just serving
> cached VODs instead of the actual stream.
> RTMP and HLS are two different streaming technologies.
> HLS just consists of a playlist (.m3u8) file (usually the player reads it
> by continuously making http requests) which points to video chunk files
> which again are served via simple http. This is why (contrary to rtmp) hls
> is easy to scale/cache and/or use via all kinds of CDNs.

Indeed, converting RTMP to HLS is something that I already have.
This is the video, I was talking about:

The streams read through different protocols are completely out of sync. I
suspect it is because nginx is just serving stale cached chunks.

> And even if it can actually proxy the requests (which I doubt)
> It can.

How? The presentation does not cover that.
And it can't be a simple HTTP, because as you said yourself, with HLS I
would just end up with a cached playlist and bunch of useless VOD chunks
that I don't want to ever serve.

> > , it can't be configured dynamically.
> As to "dynamically" depends on what are your needs.
> The commercial nginx plus version provides an API [1] for dynamic upstream
> configuration but you are not limited by it.
> For example you can use Lua code [2] to determine/set upstream in a very
> dynamic way. There are also some third party modules with such
> functionality.
> But again you didn't actually specify what is the issue?
> [1]
> [2]

Thanks for the links.
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