nginx taking too long to respond

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Not all up in Lua is non blocking. In fact many libraries for file ok are

I would check that

Also technically the engine (Lua script) processing is blocking and that
can also be an issue if there is heavy processing .

Hope that helps,

On Mon, 19 Jul 2021, 10:26 pm mrgonza78, <nginx-forum at>

> Thanks for the responde Maxim, I appreciate it.
>   In our case we're not using perl modules and we're not serving files
> either. We're using a bunch of known lua/resty libraries (we're using
> openresty), but AFAIK all IO in lua is non-blocking.
>   On the other hand, that 75s delay in processing was just the example I
> pasted, we saw cases where it took almost 3m to respond.
>   Thanks
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