Need some guidance for setting upstream logs in NGINX TCP Load Balancer

awani227 awani227 at
Tue Jul 20 08:35:41 UTC 2021


I'm using 'nginx/1.21.1' for load balancing TCP connection for DBs like Teradata, Netezza, Oracle and MySQL. I'm using stream directive for it as per the guidance '' . 

Following is my stream configuration  (/etc/nginx/nginx.conf)

stream {

    log_format  timed_combined  '$remote_addr - [$time_local] $session_time $msec $status $protocol ua="$upstream_addr" "$upstream_connect_time" "$upstream_response_time"';

    access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log timed_combined;


    upstream stream_backend_mysql {

        hash $remote_addr;




    server {

        listen 3306;

        proxy_pass stream_backend_mysql;

        proxy_connect_timeout 1s;



I'm able to establish connection for mysql in this setup, but when I'm adding the log_format directive nginx is giving following error,

'nginx: [emerg] unknown "upstream_response_time" variable' 

My motive is to get metrics for this nginx tcp loadbalancer (like requests per seconds, number of active connections).

Please guide me on this as I'm a newbie in this field.

I'm attaching my nginx.conf for your reference with this mail. 

Looking forward for your response.

Thank you in anticipation!


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