Serving chunks to clients continuously With Nginx without using .m3u files !

Reinis Rozitis r at
Fri Jun 4 09:37:25 UTC 2021

> I wanna use nginx and ffmpeg to serve chunks to clients without using or sending .m3u files to clients. How can I do this lease? 
> * ffmpeg copy streams in local ( in /home/STREAMS/channel/stream%d.ts ==>  /home/STREAMS/channel/stream1.ts ,  /home/STREAMS/channel/stream2.ts ,  /home/STREAMS/channel/stream3.ts ....) 
> * I want nginx to serve clients chunk by chunk in a continuous  way without serving m3u files (the client must wait for the next chunk)  . 

You can just point the server root to the folder where ffmpeg puts the stream files.

It is the clients task to requests files not the webservers to push them - if you have (I am not aware of such) or can make a client which can fetch the files without playlist file then there is nothing special to configure on nginx side.

The typical approach though is to generate playlist file which is requested continuously to get the stream chunks.


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