Serving chunks to clients continuously With Nginx without using .m3u files !

Fatma MAZARI fatma.mazari at
Fri Jun 4 09:46:03 UTC 2021

Hi, thank you for you response,

I want nginx to continuously send Continuation requests including the
next chunk.
I want to make this point because some applications cannot read
playlist files (.m3u) ,I thought about developing a python api which
sends packets (http CONTINUATION) ==> the client of course his
application can estimate that there is another chunk.

I'm waiting for your response. Thank you

Le ven. 4 juin 2021 à 10:37, Reinis Rozitis <r at> a écrit :

> > I wanna use nginx and ffmpeg to serve chunks to clients without using or
> sending .m3u files to clients. How can I do this lease?
> > * ffmpeg copy streams in local ( in /home/STREAMS/channel/stream%d.ts
> ==>  /home/STREAMS/channel/stream1.ts ,  /home/STREAMS/channel/stream2.ts
> ,  /home/STREAMS/channel/stream3.ts ....)
> > * I want nginx to serve clients chunk by chunk in a continuous  way
> without serving m3u files (the client must wait for the next chunk)  .
> You can just point the server root to the folder where ffmpeg puts the
> stream files.
> It is the clients task to requests files not the webservers to push them -
> if you have (I am not aware of such) or can make a client which can fetch
> the files without playlist file then there is nothing special to configure
> on nginx side.
> The typical approach though is to generate playlist file which is
> requested continuously to get the stream chunks.
> rr
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