proxy_buffering context and unexpected error

Drew Dixon dwdixon at
Wed Mar 3 17:02:44 UTC 2021


In my testing I desired to disable proxy_buffering per:

Which states that this is valid within the server context, however whenever
I attempt to set proxy_buffering to off (proxy_buffering off;) within my
server configuration context I receive the error message below:

nginx[6203]: nginx: [emerg] "proxy_buffering" directive is not allowed here
in /etc/nginx/conf.d/test.conf

This is clearly within the server context in my config.  I am able,
however, to use this within the default /etc/nginx/nginx.conf *http*
context without error.

I wanted to report this to see if someone could shed some light on this or
if this may be a bug or an error with the documentation?

Thank you!
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