About the order of execution of the modules.

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Tue Mar 16 06:50:19 UTC 2021

Hi there!

My questions have all been resolved, thank you very much!

Ø  If you can't find a "here is the recipe to ensure that your module always
executes in *this* position in the list" document, that might be because
the product does not intend to make guarantees that that method will
remain working in the future.

I'm emailing a question mainly because of this. Because I need to make my module compatible with other modules, but I don't want to use undefined behavior (behavior that is not defined in the standard documentation and is completely dependent on the specific implementation) to be compatible with other modules.

Ø  There is the order of loading the modules, and there is the order of
running of modules, and they are backwards with respect to each other. I
was intending to use before/after in the "loading" sense, so, unless I
got confused somewhere, please reconsider my mail in that light.

This is something I stumbled upon while debugging. It is indeed easy to confuse the order of initialization with the order of taking effect (execution or running), so maybe my question is a bit ambiguous.

Thanks for your help!

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