Obvious malware rejection module?

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> I have plenty of transit capacity. I can serve 3TB a month and I do 30GB.
> What I don't have is CPU power. I have a one CPU VPS. The CPU is shared
> resource. I think the RAM used by the VPS is more "available," if that
> makes any sense. That is they don't swap you out but let your VPS sit in
> RAM. So something RAM intensive is fine but CPU intensive is not.

Off-topic, we used to use GoDaddy for VPS for our free/open source software
project. It was a crummy service offering one virtual core, 1 GB of RAM and
no swap file. The VPS ran on a circa-2005 4-core Athlon machine.

The server had constant problems because the OOM killer would whack our
MySQL process. We needed it for a Mediawiki installation . The machine
could not handle the LAMP stack.

And GoDaddy would send us nastygrams threatening to stop service because of
bots. When the spam bots tried to create a new page the wiki server pegged
at about 100% cpu for a moment while that new editor was spun-up.

We now use Ionos (https://www.ionos.com/hosting/web-hosting). The cheapest
plan is $1/month. We splurge a bit and pay $5 for the extra core and extra
memory. No more OOM problems, and no more nastygrams.

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