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Tue Mar 8 14:04:40 UTC 2022

Hello Nginx Team,

I'm trying to use a WebDav server called sabredav
(https://sabre.io/dav/install/) , so I installed everything and seens to
work, but when I try to connect to this server by WinSCP client i'm gotting
405 Not allowed, on access log comes this: - - [08/Mar/2022:14:00:38 +0000] "OPTIONS / HTTP/1.1" 405 182
"-" "WinSCP/5.19.6 neon/0.31.2"

In the documentation of sabredav is telling if we got 405 error follow these

Older versions of nginx have had issues with so-called "Chunked Transfer
Encoding", in particular when the client sumbits requests in this transfer

Known clients that use this include OS X finder and Transmit. If you plan to
support any of these, and you are running into issues with empty (0 byte)
files ending up on the server, make sure you are running a recent version of

Nginx versions 1.3.9 or higher should work.

My version of nginx is 1.10.3 so its higher than 1.3.9

Someone have some idea of how to solve this?

Thank you so much for support.

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