405 Not Allowed

Sergey A. Osokin osa at freebsd.org.ru
Tue Mar 8 14:23:56 UTC 2022


On Tue, Mar 08, 2022 at 09:04:40AM -0500, felipesmendes wrote:
> Hello Nginx Team,
> I'm trying to use a WebDav server called sabredav
> (https://sabre.io/dav/install/) , so I installed everything and seens to
> work, but when I try to connect to this server by WinSCP client i'm gotting
> 405 Not allowed, on access log comes this:
> - - [08/Mar/2022:14:00:38 +0000] "OPTIONS / HTTP/1.1" 405 182
> "-" "WinSCP/5.19.6 neon/0.31.2"
> In the documentation of sabredav is telling if we got 405 error follow these
> instructions:
> Nginx
> Older versions of nginx have had issues with so-called "Chunked Transfer
> Encoding", in particular when the client sumbits requests in this transfer
> encoding.
> Known clients that use this include OS X finder and Transmit. If you plan to
> support any of these, and you are running into issues with empty (0 byte)
> files ending up on the server, make sure you are running a recent version of
> nginx.
> Nginx versions 1.3.9 or higher should work.
> My version of nginx is 1.10.3 so its higher than 1.3.9

I'd recommend to upgrade to the recent version of nginx first: recent stable
version is 1.20.2.  Also, I'd recommend to share the nginx configuration
file without any sensitive information.

Sergey A. Osokin

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