compiling nchan from source

Ian Hobson hobson42 at
Sat May 21 02:53:05 UTC 2022

Hi Everyone,

I compile nginx from source. When I use nchan-1.2.12 everything compiles 

However I tried to upgrade to nchan-1.2.15 and I get a compilation error.

Google told me the same error was reported back in February.

My C skills are a forgotten week's course taken in the early 1990s, and 
never used, so I don't have the skills to sort it out.

Could it be the version of gcc OR is it conflicting with openssl3.0.3, 
pcre-8.45, or zlib-1.2.12?

Thanks for ideas. I would like to use the latest nchan.

Is it possible to use a pre-compiled version, and link dynamically?

O/S Ubunutu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04



Ian Hobson
Tel (+66) 626 544 695

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