How to patch and/or upgrade Nginx from source in production environment?

PGNet Dev at
Thu Oct 13 17:09:44 UTC 2022

> I don't know the process to install patches.

That's a big ol' red flag.  Personally, I'd strongly recommend against building/installing into a *production* env, until you're up to snuff with managing the sources, including patches.

That said, are you solving for a real/existing production problem you have? Or more a want-to-learn-how-to-build exercise?

Looking here

at first glance it sure looks like sources/packages are actively patched & maintained

Is there a specific example of an nginx patch your production environment needed that isn't/wasn't acted upon?
If so, had your raised it first with the maintainers, and they refused or failed to act?
Or is there a version that you need for valid reasons that isn't available to you?

> pkgsrc [1] is the one of the good choices to automate builds and manage dependences in a non-root environment on your favorite operating system.


there are many.

each is its own rabbit-hole, with its own infrastructure & process gotchas.  i.e., another layer of stuff/complexity.  once mastered, sure -- great to have.

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