How to patch and/or upgrade Nginx from source in production environment?

PGNet Dev at
Thu Oct 13 16:18:57 UTC 2022

> I should have mentioned that I'm running in an Ubuntu environment so I'm not sure if that makes much difference?

Ubuntu/Debian have all the tools for source builds.
They also have the apt packaging solution.
I assume there are available build services.

I'm not an Ubuntu/Debian user. Simply a matter of preference.

Beyond that, no opinion worth its salt :-/

> worth

Per whose definition?

Stuff breaks. You either live with it, patch it yourself, or ask someone else to patch it for you.

What's the 'worth' to you of not having any particular breakage unsolved?

i.e., it depends.

> Thoughts? Opinions?

Only, don't blindly do what others suggest. Do what works best for you.

For me, 'my' distro chooses not to build/package nginx mainline.  Or, build/config the way I want.  So I do it myself, using the distro's build service & tools.
Is it a PITA?  sure.  just less than not having what I need.

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