NGINX 1.21.x EOL?

Paul paul at
Tue Oct 18 14:58:27 UTC 2022

On 2022-10-18 10:26, Sergey A. Osokin wrote:

> nginx 1.21.6 is available for download, [1], here's the direct link, [2].
>> Is it already End Of Life?
> Yes, it is, please welcome to 1.23.x series.

Interesting.  All the servers that I run in production are either Ubuntu 
22.04LTS or Debian bullseye (both are latest stable releases) and I find 
that they are still at 1.18.0-6ubuntu14.1 or 1.18.0-6.1+deb11u2

Now I fully recognize that package managers are a tad conservative, and 
that both Debian and Ubuntu try and stay on top of security patches, but 
"end of life" sounds a bit scary ;=}

Best -- Paul

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