Running nginx-quic in a real environment

Sergey Kandaurov pluknet at
Tue Sep 27 12:05:54 UTC 2022

> On 27 Sep 2022, at 14:11, João Sousa Andrade <joao.andrade at> wrote:
> Thank you for the clarification Sergey. 
> We have been running http3 in production for the past couple of weeks. There's something we have noticed which I'm not entirely sure as to what is causing it.
> We have been getting lots of errors of the form: "[error] 34#34: *338736 quic no available client ids for new path while handling decrypted packet, client: $IP, server:". I tried looking through the code to little avail. I'm wondering what's causing these errors. Is it something which could be tweaked through configuration?

This happens when QUIC connection continues over a new network path,
known as QUIC connection migration, which should by done by switching
to a new connection ID, but the client didn't previously supply enough
Connection ID to chose from.  Normally both peers maintain a set of
unused Connection IDs, which may be needed not only for migration,
but also due to NAT rebinding.  Assuming that peers that initiate
connection migration maintain enough connection IDs, a likely reason
of the network path change failure as seen in the above error can be
due to NAT rebinding with the client implementation that doesn't a notion
of connection migration so it didn't sent NEW_CONNECTION_ID frames.
In the case of NAT rebinding the server should send probing frames
over a new network path using next available client Connection ID,
but there were no any, as seen in the above error.
Hope that helps.

Sergey Kandaurov

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