Running nginx-quic in a real environment

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Tue Sep 27 10:11:36 UTC 2022

Thank you for the clarification Sergey. 

We have been running http3 in production for the past couple of weeks. There's something we have noticed which I'm not entirely sure as to what is causing it.

We have been getting lots of errors of the form: "[error] 34#34: *338736 quic no available client ids for new path while handling decrypted packet, client: $IP, server:". I tried looking through the code to little avail. I'm wondering what's causing these errors. Is it something which could be tweaked through configuration?

Thank you again,

> On 15 Sep 2022, at 13:04, Sergey Kandaurov <pluknet at> wrote:
>> On 8 Sep 2022, at 14:27, João Sousa Andrade via nginx <nginx at> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> My team is currently considering using nginx-quic in a production-like environment after running it and benchmarking it in our test env.
>> Reading "The code is currently at a beta level of quality and should not be used in production." under was a bit discouraging. However, I understand that repo isn't the source of truth and one should also note is around 10mo ahead.
>> Consequently, I decided to double-check here. Hope it's the right place to do so :)
>> I'm currently wondering what is currently missing in terms of QUIC implementation in the latest version of nginx-quic. Are there any particular bugs I should be aware of?
>> I also understand there are performance improvements currently in the works. This part should be mostly alright given we'll benchmark. It's the functional side of things I'm wondering about.
> The beta status means the code base isn't stabilized yet,
> which means further updates of this code, including features,
> potential changes in behaviour, bug fixes, and refactoring.
> There are still rough edges but basically it works.
>> Can anyone help me with that? If this goes forward, we'll be happy to share anything useful we find on our side as well.
> We appreciate to receive feedback.
> -- 
> Sergey Kandaurov

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