nginx-1.23.3 on Win Server wth HTTPS

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Wed Jan 18 08:51:18 UTC 2023


i will use nginx-1.23.3 on a Win Server, inclusiv HTTPS

After unpacking the ZIP file I have a "nginx.conf" file which I edit, from line 98, the HTTPS server block starts there.

I enter the absolute path to the CA and KEY file (Windows like path) but NGINX refuses to accept HTTPS.

I restart NGINX from CMD =>

C:\nginx\nginx-1.23.3>nginx -s reload
nginx: [emerg] unknown directive "HTTPS" in C:\nginx\nginx-1.23.3/conf/nginx.conf:98

I test with c:\CERT\my_cert
I test with CERT/my_cert

Both does not work

What do I have to do so that NGINX also accepts HTTPS connections?



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