How to compile Nginx with zlib-ng

Lance Dockins lance at
Tue Mar 21 21:06:00 UTC 2023

Has anyone had success compiling Nginx with zlib-ng instead of default Zlib versions?  I seem to be able to compile Nginx with standard Zlib and various other Zlib libraries (e.g. Intel optimized or Cloudflare) but compiling with Zlib-NG always fails.  I’ve tried passing in various options via with-zlib-opt to try to include the —zlib-compat flag for the Zlib NG configure directives but no matter what syntax I use, it seems like it always fails (whether I have that param or not).  Perhaps I’m just struggling with the proper use of Zlib NG in an Nginx compile context.

If Nginx should compile with Zlib NG, is there any documentation on what params to use in the Nginx compile command to get it to work?

Lance Dockins

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