How to compile Nginx with zlib-ng

Sergey A. Osokin osa at
Wed Mar 22 14:49:49 UTC 2023

Hi Lance,

thanks for your question.

Since this is more or less related to nginx development or
new features I'd suggest to use nginx-devel mailing list
instead, thank you.

On Tue, Mar 21, 2023 at 04:06:00PM -0500, Lance Dockins wrote:
> Has anyone had success compiling Nginx with zlib-ng instead of
> default Zlib versions?  I seem to be able to compile Nginx with
> standard Zlib and various other Zlib libraries (e.g. Intel
> optimized or Cloudflare) but compiling with Zlib-NG always fails.

NGINX builds well with zlib.  In case of new functionality, like
an ability to build with zlib-ng, the source code requires some

> I’ve tried passing in various options via with-zlib-opt to try
> to include the —zlib-compat flag for the Zlib NG configure
> directives but no matter what syntax I use, it seems like it
> always fails (whether I have that param or not).  Perhaps I’m
> just struggling with the proper use of Zlib NG in an Nginx
> compile context.
> If Nginx should compile with Zlib NG, is there any documentation
> on what params to use in the Nginx compile command to get it to
> work?

Some ideas can be found inside the zlib-ng project on GH, not
sure is that working solution or not, so you can try.

I'd also recommend to raise a request in
about this feature request and provide patches for source code
and documentation.

Thank you.

Sergey A. Osokin

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