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Hendrik Hardeman hendrik.hardeman at
Mon Feb 11 00:39:58 MSK 2008


> Interesting, but I prefer to use Python embedded in Nginx, since it is 
> more robust.
> In future I hope to be able to add support for asynchronous Python 
> applications.

I agree that embedded Python would be more robust, but then I would probably still use standard Nginx in front with perhaps one or more bare-bones Nginx servers upstream with embedded Python listening on particular ports. With embedded Python I don't see a need for some of the standard modules, e.g. the rewriting module. That's something the Nginx server in front could take care of. I'd rather see something like Libevent (i.e. an asynchronous HTTP server engine) with embedded Python. The core of Nginx is probably similar to Libevent with its HTTP layer. Would be interesting to find out how Nginx core compares to Libevent with HTTP layer in terms of performance.

A core Nginx engine with embedded Python would definitely interest me ! That's for sure more robust than Python on top of Libevent. Already binding Python to the latest version of Libevent was quite tricky. Both existing Python modules for libevent (pyevent / libevent-python) are outdated and I had to use the ctypes library to bind to Libevent. Wouldn't mind replacing Python->ctypes->libevent by an Nginx core with embedded Python.

> I think that it would be interesting to have some benchmarks of mod_wsgi 
> against libevent based Python servers.

I believe it would be difficult to compare a more general purpose mod_wsgi with a purpose-written Python server based on libevent. I myself have no experience with wsgi and am not in a position to compare, but you can try.

> The problem is that this is a very specialized need, so you should 
> implement it by yourself, of rent a coder that can work on the nginx 
> codebase for you.

Will probably implement it myself, unless there's someone else out there who would be interested to give it a try. For the time being I have myself no time whatsoever, at least not in the next two months.


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