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Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Mon Feb 11 01:14:15 MSK 2008

Hendrik Hardeman ha scritto:
> Manlio,
>  > Interesting, but I prefer to use Python embedded in Nginx, since it is
>  > more robust.
>  > In future I hope to be able to add support for asynchronous Python
>  > applications.
>  >
> I agree that embedded Python would be more robust, but then I would 
> probably still use standard Nginx in front with perhaps one or more 
> bare-bones Nginx servers upstream with embedded Python listening on 
> particular ports. 

Yes, this is the recommended deployment.

> With embedded Python I don't see a need for some of 
> the standard modules, e.g. the rewriting module. That's something the 
> Nginx server in front could take care of. 


> I'd rather see something like 
> Libevent (i.e. an asynchronous HTTP server engine) with embedded Python. 
> The core of Nginx is probably similar to Libevent with its HTTP layer. 
> Would be interesting to find out how Nginx core compares to Libevent 
> with HTTP layer in terms of performance.
> A core Nginx engine with embedded Python would definitely interest me ! 

Then you should check!

> [...]
> I believe it would be difficult to compare a more general purpose 
> mod_wsgi with a purpose-written Python server based on libevent. I 
> myself have no experience with wsgi and am not in a position to compare, 
> but you can try.

Not sure about this, WSGI is a low level interface, well designed.
I think it is better then any other specific purpose API.

>  >
>  > The problem is that this is a very specialized need, so you should
>  > implement it by yourself, of rent a coder that can work on the nginx
>  > codebase for you.
>  >
> Will probably implement it myself, unless there's someone else out there 
> who would be interested to give it a try. For the time being I have 
> myself no time whatsoever, at least not in the next two months.

I can write it, but not for free, sorry, since I don't need this feature 
and I too don't have very free time.
It will take, for me, only a few hours of coding, however.

Also, you should give the elliot suggestion a change.
Removing the read permission bit from a file is a good solution, and 
with the help of cron it should resolve your problem.

> Hendrik

Manlio Perillo

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