nginx + ssi + remote uri access does not work

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Wed Apr 14 07:34:45 MSD 2010

I have a setup where my nginx is in front with apache+PHP behind.

My PHP application cache some page in memcache which are accessed by nginx directly except some dynamic part which are build using SSI in Nginx.

The first problem I had was nginx didnt try to use memcache for ssi URI.

<!--# include virtual="/myuser" -->

So I figured that if I force it to use a full URL, it would do it.

<!--# include virtual="" -->

But in logs file (both nginx and apache) I can see that a slash has been added at the beginning of the url

http ssi filter "/"

In the source code of the SSI module I see a PREFIX that seems to be added, but I can really tell if I can disable it.

Anybody got this issue? Nginx version : 0.7.62 on Ubuntu Karmic 64bits

Thanks a lot

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