Not able to use activesync with an iphone

littlestar67 nginx-forum at
Mon Apr 18 19:20:34 MSD 2011

Hi everybody,

I just install Nginx on a Debian server into a DMZ to publish Exchange
(2K3 Std) services on the internet. It works with Android systems but it
doesn't work with iphone. I get the error message : "impossible to check
the account data" on the iphone when i try to set up the Exchange

In the ssl-access logs I get :

ip.ip.ip.ip - domain\username [18/Apr/2011:16:49:08 +0200] "OPTIONS
/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync HTTP/1.1" 200 141 "-"

When an android mobile connects I get :

ip.ip.ip.ip - domain\user [18/Apr/2011:16:49:37 +0200] "POST
HTTP/1.1" 200 112 "-" "Android/0.3"

I've got a valid ssl certificate on nginx.
It seems that the iphone another method (OPTIONS) but I'm not an expert
at all...

Can you tell me if Nginx works with an iphone ?
Do I miss something in the setup ?
Perhaps it is a known issues but Ican't figure out ... (sorry for my
Thank you if you can give me advice !

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