Need to proxypass to different servers.

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Tue Mar 19 09:20:29 UTC 2013

On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 09:25:09AM +0530, Geo P.C. wrote:

Hi there,

> We have 3 servers with Nginx as webserver. The setup is as follows:

> So in proxy server we need to setup as while accessing and all
> its subdirectories like* it should go to app server 1 except
> while accessing and its subdirectories it should go to app
> server2.
> Please let us know how we can configure it.

"location /cms" should have "proxy_pass" to app2, "location /" should have
"proxy_pass" to app1. Almost exactly as you show. Except that you spell
"cms" "ui", for some reason.

> In proxy server we setup as follows but is not working:

Be specific.

What one request do you make that does not give the response that you
expect? What response do you get instead?

Other things: you must set the world up so that the browser actually
gets to your proxy server when requesting That's outside
of anything nginx can do.

You must set things up so that nginx actually gets to your app2 server

>                                 proxy_pass;

...using the name That needs a working resolver, or a configured
upstream block. Or just use the IP address directly here.

And you will *probably* want to make sure that everything on app2 knows
that it is effectively being served below /cms, as otherwise any links
to other resources on that server may not work as you want.

(And note that "location /cms" and "location /cms/" do different things,
and may not both be what you want.)

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