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Fri Feb 20 20:25:13 UTC 2015


I thought I knew how to configure an Nginx site, but I've come up with a 
situation that has defeated me. Ideas needed.

We are attempting to move an old site to a new one. I can't load nginx 
(or anything much) on to the old server because the libraries are so 
old. For similar reasons we can't move the old site to the new server. 
Old site was written with front page - long gone.

So, I thought to copy the old files to the new server, and test if they 
exist, and we delete these files as we create the new pages.
So the logic is, if the old file exists, pass the request over to the 
old server. If the old file doesn't exist, we serve the new site. First 
is a test to see if the file is static. If so, Nginx to serve, if not, 
then pass it using fcgi to Flask.

I have the following config (domain names changed)

server {
     listen  80;
     # first test if old file exists.
     location / {
        root /var/www/oldsite/htdocs;   # copy of old site
        try_files $uri uri/  @newserver;
        # don't serve locally, but proxy pass to old website
        proxy_pass http://wwx.example:8080/$uri;       #  old server on 
new sub-domain
     location @newserver {      # old file does not exist, serve from new
         root /var/www/newsite/htdocs;
         # serve static files with nginx
         location ~* \.(gif|jpg|jpeg|css|js)$ {   # add other static 
types here
            try_files $uri =404;
         location / {   # anything NOT static (.htm) is passed to flask
            include uwsgi_params;
            uwsgi_pass unix:/tmp/uwsgi.sock;

However nginx complains that I can't put location inside  location 

So how can the site be configured?



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