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I'm very new to nginx and I'm having serious problems.

I have a number of applications on Drupal,
Wordpress, mediawiki (the old wiki), dokuwiki (the new wiki), an
owncloud (v7), and a stikked (pastebin) instance. Pretty URLs aren't
working at all and the guidance I've found on the web isn't helping.

I'm just guessing that the non-pretty URLs don't all use the same PHP
parameter, but I don't even know how to find these parameters.

I have php-fpm working (as near as I can tell). It appears to work for
a GNU Social instance I have; the example configuration, which
includes a pretty URL fix similar to what I've seen suggested for
everything else that works for it.

I'm also completely mystified by the problem of nesting location
directives. As near as I can tell nginx just doesn't let you do this.
I don't understand what it's attempting to stop me from doing and
again, the guidance I've found on the web hasn't helped.

A lot of the example configurations I've found, adapted to my context,
seem to require nested locations. To me a location within a location
should be like a subfolder within a folder. nginx doesn't appear
willing to let me do that.

So I tried moving the nested location directives out and fully
qualifying them. nginx doesn't complain about this, but it also isn't
handling the pretty URLs right.

David Benfell <benfell at>
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