Update the Chinese documentation with the nginx.org website

Ruslan Ermilov ru at nginx.com
Mon Dec 24 10:09:48 UTC 2012

Hi there,

On Mon, Dec 24, 2012 at 04:52:44PM +0800, 姚伟斌 wrote:
>    Hi folks,
>    We have translated the nginx documentation into Chinese with the latest
>    version ([1]nginx.org repository, Dec 20th).
>    More Modules whose Chinese description are available:
>    ngx_http_core_module
>    ngx_http_empty_gif_module
>    ngx_http_geo_module
>    ngx_http_geoip_module
>    ngx_http_image_filter_module
>    ngx_http_limit_req_module
>    ngx_http_log_module
>    ngx_http_map_module
>    ngx_http_proxy_module
>    ngx_http_referer_module
>    ngx_http_rewrite_module
>    ngx_http_upstream_module
>    I also updated the css to make it more beautiful for the Chinese
>    document. I'm very appreciated if anyone can review it.
>    Now you can preview the translation at
>    [2]http://tengine.taobao.org/nginx_docs/cn/. We'll really appreciate it
>    if you report any errors or incorrectness to us. BTW, you are welcome
>    to join the Nginx Chinese Documentation Translation Project
>    ([3]https://github.com/taobao/nginx-docs-cn). The process is quite easy:
>    fork the repository, do some translation then pull a request :)
>    Other parts of the translation will be posted when they are ready.
>    Merry Christmas. For all the Nginxers.

I have no problem committing the "docs" part of the patch.  Do you
want this to appear on nginx.org now, or should I wait until after
you receive some feedback about possible "errors and incorrectness"?

Regarding the CSS changes.  The style.xsls patch can be minimized by
providing only what is actually different (text-align and font-family):

Also, can you elaborate on why did you change the fonts, and what was
wrong with justified text?

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