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Steve Morin steve at
Tue Dec 10 01:14:05 UTC 2013

Thanks W-Mark

[1] I have been looking at that module and a couple others including

[2] My understanding is that nginx uses a number of worker process that are
isolated, but need to see how zeromq handles that and if a socket can me
shared.  Given that they aren't thread safe I assume that is a no.  I will
pay attention to this part

[3] Saw that, will look where a setup call can happen this is helpful.

[4]  I have been reading Evan Miller's guide, thanks

* Planning on using zero-copy
* Not sure if redis would be faster under high load but that would be
pretty interesting to see.

On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 5:49 AM, W-Mark Kubacki <wmark+nginx at>wrote:

> 2013/11/16 Steve Morin <steve at>:
> > Does anyone have experience integrating zeromq with Nginx.  I am looking
> for
> > some pointers, to see what concerns I should look out for.
> >
> > I am trying to contribute this code to a open source project.
> > -Steve
> This seems to me being a good template for what you want to accomplish:
> [1]
> Keep in mind that »ØMQ sockets are not threadsafe« and don't share
> them between threads.
> [2]
> See also:
> [3],243942,243986#msg-243986 (master
> process → init_module callback; don't define sockets here; zmq_init
> goes here)
> [4]
> A note on performance:
> • Use zero-copy wherever possible. (I would make a custom string an
> optional last part of a message.) — [5]
> • Does ØMQ have UDP or similar for PUB sockets? If so, use that.
> • I guess that logging or queuing through Redis will perform better
> than utilizing ØMQ for that matter iff everything is done on one
> machine under high load.
> --
> Mark
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