Nginx Logging to Zeromq Module - Sparkngin

MAGNIEN, Thierry thierry.magnien at
Tue Dec 10 09:39:39 UTC 2013


>Thanks W-Mark
>[1] I have been looking at that module and a couple others including
>[2] My understanding is that nginx uses a number of worker process that are isolated, but need to see how zeromq handles that and if a socket can me shared.  Given that they aren't thread safe I assume that is a >no.  I will pay attention to this part
>[3] Saw that, will look where a setup call can happen this is helpful.
>[4]  I have been reading Evan Miller's guide, thanks
>* Planning on using zero-copy
>* Not sure if redis would be faster under high load but that would be pretty interesting to see.

I don't know much about Zeromq performance, but we pushed redis to about 300k commands per second on our production servers (8 cores), and benchmarks on better hardware (24 cores) show it could handle close to 500k/s.


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