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Mon Aug 22 18:40:06 UTC 2016

Hello nginx developers,

I hope this is the appropriate forum for this question. In an presentation from Sep 2015, Ruslan Ermilov indicated that work is being done on support for "true dynamic modules" i.e. a mechanism that would not require compilation against nginx source code, but rather allow API-based binary DLL/SO module plug-in support. Can you please provide an estimate on when this feature will be publicly available? Is there any way our company could facilitate this support (via commercial contract, implement our own "quick-n-dirty" version of this idea, etc)? It would be terrific if this feature was available in the near future, if possible!

As commercial developers, our plug-in must target different nginx versions, different compiler options, we might have conflicting third-party libraries, etc. Most importantly, we may not be able to ship source code, so we must be the ones to compile the module and thus nginx. Even internally, there are many logistical problems with having our module team compile nginx (e.g. so we can run module unit and integration tests, etc), when in fact a different department entirely might "own" the official nginx server compilation, etc. For these and other reasons, a true, binary / API-based, standalone DLL/SO plug-in model would be a terrific benefit and save us many problems and complexities with trying to develop a commercial nginx plug-in.

Any time frame or relevant information or additional thoughts you can provide on this topic would be greatly appreciated,



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