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Glenn Rempe lists at
Thu Mar 20 19:52:57 MSK 2008

Grzegorz Nosek wrote:

> Oh, I'm that famous already? ;) My repo is cloneable btw so you don't
> need to apply commit diffs by hand.

Sure!  Lots of people are tracking progress of the fair balancer.  The 
cool people of course.  :-)

What is the git URL for cloning?  I couldn't figure it out from your 
gitweb site and I tried a bunch of variations.  You have previously said 
that it was gitweb viewing only as you had not setup a git daemon.  Did 
that change?

>> If you could push your changes there, in addition to your main repo that 
>> drives your gitweb, it would be awesome since others can then simply 
>> fork off of your repo and track you changes or contribute to you more 
>> easily.
> No problem at all. However, I'll probably drop the fair balancer from my
> nginx tree and distribute it as a separate repo, as soon as I manage to
> do it without losing all the commit history (and find the time of 
> course).

Either way, you can have multiple repositories on GitHub and they are 
free for OpenSource projects.

>> I can give you an invite to GitHub if you need one.
> That means I probably need one.

 I sent one to root [at] localdomain dot P L.  GitHub is turning out to 
be a great way to collaborate on code.

I look forward to seeing your repo up there.  :-)


PS - I am running my site using your fair proxy and several 'Thin' 
servers in front of my Rails app with Nginx fair proxying across several 
UNIX domain sockets that thin is listening on (instead of TCP).  Working 
like a charm so far.  :-)
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