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Roger Hoover roger.hoover at
Thu May 1 21:43:58 MSD 2008

You might consider hosting your static content on a separate subdomain.  If
you have enough hardware, you can have dedicated nginx boxes just for the
images + swfs.

On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 7:28 AM, Igor Clark <igor at> wrote:

> Hi there,
> We're building a mainly Flash site which communicates with a PHP gateway
> via AMF over HTTP to get and set database information. The app's requests
> will be something like 50% flat files, and the other 50% will be PHP. At the
> beginning of the project we expect a lot of SWF requests as we'll be serving
> rich ads trafficked via some big portal sites.
> I'm planning an nginx front-end which serves flat content and passes PHP
> requests to a PHP app server(s) on a local network over FastCGI. The
> database will reside on a separate host. The idea is obviously that if the
> app server struggles we can add more, and possibly extra nginx servers to
> help take the load of image/SWF serving if necessary.
> In the past, I've only done this with nginx and PHP residing on the same
> host.
> Is FastCGI good to do this without introducing problems, or should I do
> something like:
> nginx   <--HTTP reverse proxy-->        (nginx+PHP)
> Intuitively it seems a bad idea to introduce extra processing, but we
> haven't done multi-box setups with FastCGI this way before, so I thought I'd
> check if that or some other approach might be better.
> I'd be grateful for any opinions!
> Igor
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