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Mon Mar 9 02:45:42 MSK 2009

mike wrote:
> I used PHP_MAX_FCGI_REQUESTS=100 or whatever the variable was with php
> -b and hammered the test site. I saw the process ID's changing in my
> process list, i.e. when it hit 100 requests, the child was terminated
> and a new one was created.
> With spawn-fcgi I could throw it thousands of requests and the
> processes never terminated themselves.
> While not a showstopper it was a lacking feature of php's fastcgi
> support to prevent memory leaking.

Did you spawn it with "PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS=1000 spawn-fcgi 
Maybe there's a way to do this via php.ini, haven't checked.

BTW: there is the -F option to specify the number of children to spawn 
(non-php-style). Sorry, I was wrong before when I said this isn't 
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