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Again, it's a comfort level thing.*Some* people prefer it. It's been raised
a few times so I'm running with it. If it succeeds fine. If not, I haven't
lost anything. I'm not married to it (though it probably will require less
effort and money than does my wife :p).  I don't plan to place any ads on it
so it isn't as though I'm going to make any money on it. In fact, it could
conceivably cost money if it gets busy. It's in a Virtuozzo container that
costs me a few dollars a month. I own the license for the software and I'm
not doing anything with it currently.


There are two conditions under which it goes away. First is if it's not
used. Second is if I no longer have a way to host and maintain it (that
would include me going away as in permanently). Either of those presupposes
that no one wishes to take over the joy of it all.


I believe that I have successfully edited the title and format of the emails
that come from the site so you can delete them at will.




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I gotta say that Toni enumerated quite well what I was vaguely hinting at
with "this is a forum".

Along these same lines, I would like to bring up a related issue to the
webforum-linking-with-mailforum thing...  Can we please get a prefix or
suffix tag of [FORUM] or something?  This way we can use our superior MUA
searching/sorting/filtering features to do with them as we need.


On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 9:37 AM, Toni Mueller <support-nginx at>


I'm sorry, but I can't let you say this unanswered:

On Thu, 12.03.2009 at 18:15:36 +0000, Jim Ohlstein <jim.ohlstein at>
> A mailing list is a forum of sorts but without the features of more
> sophisticated software.

a mailing list is something entirely different, imho.

> File attachments,

send mail with an attachment

> private messagiing,

send email to one person only (ie, outside the list)

> threaded discussions,

standard feature of non-broken MUAs (ie, mutt, Thunderbird, Evolution,

> easy access to older posts

mailing list archive, may be even downloadable

> to name but a few.

Forums typically have these additional drawbacks in my experience:

- synchronous communications - ie, it won't work if the forum server
 has a hiccup or is currently hacked.

- tends to mess up attachments

- stricter limits on attachment sizes

- centralized (even private messages need to go through the server)

- threading is usually sub-par with MUAs, flexible sorting and
 searching is usually not available

- sorting and searching taxes the server, not the client (as with MUAs)

- broken search results with about any search engines because whole
 threads appear on one page

- usually no downloadable archives

- tend to vanish in a whim if the admin loses interest, or if the forum
 package gets swapped (all links break, nobody fixes them, archives
 are lost forever)

- slow performance, high cost for the operator (much higher than a
 mailing list)

> It's simply another way to communicate and get/offer support.

Yes, and one that causes more fraction and friction to the user base

Kind regards,


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