Cannot totally switch off caching

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Tue Jul 2 06:08:52 UTC 2013

Maxim Dounin Wrote:
> On the other hand, 100-200 msec is way too long for nginx to 
> return a cached response.
> If you assume the response is cached by nginx somehow, simpliest 
> test is to switch off php-fpm and check if you are still able to 
> request a resource.
Thanks for idea! I change a location path in template named "php" from
"location ~ \.php$" to "location ~ \.pZp$" (just for excluding *.php
processing), restart nginx, and server returned a just content (source) of
my index.php file. Then I revert location changes back to \.php, restart
nginx, make request, and server return fast response of correct page again
(0.01 sec with wget, and 60 msec with httperf).

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