Cannot totally switch off caching

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Wed Jul 3 06:50:29 UTC 2013

Alexander Kunz Wrote:
> i am no drupal user/developer but if i google about drupal cache it
> sounds, there is not only one cache, and it sounds like its not only
> one
> click to disable it complete. Perhaps you can find some informations
> about the cache here:
> or it is a good point so start. If you exclude the frontend proxy, for
> me it sounds like a cache "problem" in drupal. Perhaps you can post a
> question in a drupal developer mailinglist?

Thanks a lot! I trying to disable all drupal caches and clear cache tables,
and all for as needed (every request process "long" time. I could not
believe that drupal cache so fast (in testing environment), so initially I
did not think about this case. My fault(

Thank to all for the right search direction!

Best regards.

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