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曾瑞略 ruilue.zengrl at
Mon Jul 15 03:18:34 UTC 2013

Hello,in nginx1 use proxy_pass to nginx2,when http method is get that is ok,but when http method is post ,nginx2 has no access log,nginx1's response  status is 302;  help please,thank you!!
nginx-config details:
server {   listen 80;   server_name ocs.aliyun.test;   access_log "pipe:/usr/sbin/cronolog /system/logs/ocs.%Y-%m-%d.log" aliyun_com;   location /widget/ {    proxy_pass http://openwidget.aliyun.test/;    proxy_redirect http://openwidget.aliyun.test/ /widget/;  } } 
server {   listen 80;   server_name openwidget.aliyun.test;   access_log "pipe:/usr/sbin/cronolog /system/logs/openwidget.%Y-%m-%d.log" aliyun_com;   location / {    proxy_pass;    proxy_redirect http://openwidget.aliyun.test/openWidget/ /;  } } 
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