connect() to failed (99: Cannot assign requested address

Jim Ohlstein jim at
Mon Jul 15 13:25:29 UTC 2013

On 7/15/13 7:51 AM, Atul Bansal wrote:
> Ok... So please suggest solution here..
> I need to setup sites on nginx so tht processing of sites sud b fast

I mean no disrespect, but the solution is to get a competent sysadmin. 
This can all be fixed in about 5-10 minutes. Your configuration is 
*completely* wrong, you're trying to run two web servers which are 
competing for ::80, you have a fastcgi_pass and a proxy_pass statement 
in the same location, and the list goes on. People are giving you advice 
that you clearly do not understand.

First thing you need to do is get Apache stopped (or at least not 
listening on port 80), and prevent it from restarting. If you think 
Apache is not running, run this command and show the output:

# ps aux | grep httpd

Next, use Google to learn how to stop Apache and prevent it from 
restarting on each reboot.

After that, again go back to Google and learn how to write a proper 
nginx.conf (generically and for WordPress). Then decide how you're going 
to handle PHP requests and set up the proper daemon to run at boot. Same 
thing with nginx.

Now I've given you a roadmap. This is not an "nginx for dummies" mailing 
list. You need to do some of the work yourself.

Jim Ohlstein

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