Backend responding with 100 Continue results in the actual response being lost

rstarkov nginx-forum at
Tue Jul 23 11:53:00 UTC 2013

Hello Maxim,

Thanks for your recommendations. I realise that what this server is doing is
a bit unusual, however:

> That is, it's 100 Continue isn't expected to be returned to nginx 
> from a complaint HTTP/1.1 server even if a request is via 
> HTTP/1.1.

I just wanted to clarify that the server *is* conditionally compliant with
HTTP/1.1, since this is a "SHOULD" requirement. Would be nice if this were
supported, since otherwise you get timeouts that are very hard to explain
and debug (but are easily attributable to nginx's proxying).

In any case. I'm glad I got to the bottom of this very puzzling issue, and
that future googlers will finally find something when googling for "nginx
100 continue timeout".

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