Nginx internal server errors static files first load only?

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Tue Jul 30 19:17:37 UTC 2013

Hi Guys,

Got a strange issue happening, I do my coding on Windows 8 x64 using Sublime
Text 2.0.2, my sites run of a Ubuntu 13.04 VirtualBox guest over a bridged
adaptor connection.

Weird thing happens, if I save a static file (HTML, CSS etc) from Sublime on
Windows to my Ubuntu vm and load it I get a 500 internal error (generic
nginx one), hit refresh and all is well. However, If I do the same from
Notepad++ I get no issues at all, the file will load first time on nginx.

Both are set for EOL unix and UTF-8 and even changing this on both seems to
bring the same issue? The nginx error log is vague, just saying its
temporarily unavailable.

I've posted this on the sublime forum too, as it seems to be sumin that is
doing with the file upon saving? Even saving a .html in plain old notepad is

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? How I can solve it? Or even
find out more info on why nginx does like the file first time round?

Also worth mentioning that no such issue occurs with Apache, that serves all

Any help appreciated!


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