Caching servers in Local ISPs !!

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>>Why not use a DNS for the clients?
How i would be sure that request coming from the ISP-1 on the DNS server
and then point it to the local caching server? I mean i can use View
directive of BIND to route specific ips (local ISP clients) to the local
caching server and what if tomorrow the ISP has added more clients to their
network ? I'll also have those new ip prefixes to DNS server.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

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> shahzaib1232 Wrote:
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> > i don't think the solution rdns will be suitable for us. I have
> > checked the
> > zebra software to make linux a BGP router
> >
> > pf-router/
> >
> > Could you tell me if BGP is capable of doing what we want? Because our
> > local ISP supports this method and i have no idea how to implement it.
> >
> > Functionality we need, is to auto detect the new ip prefixes from
> > local ISP
> > so they'll not have to provide us thousands of prefixes on daily
> > basis.
> Why not use a DNS for the clients? your making things too complicated.
> Client-1-request at ISP-1 -> ISP-1-DNS ->
> (which
> is your edge box)
> Client-1-request at ISP-2 -> ISP-2-DNS ->
> (which
> is your box in the US)
> Anyone from ISP-1 will always be directed to the edge systems, anyone else
> to where-ever you point the dns.
> ISP's also use regional DNS servers which allows you more edge systems
> closer to the users.
> Anyway, BGP see (netflix solution)
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