[ANNOUNCE] ngx_brotli

Piotr Sikora piotrsikora at google.com
Thu Oct 15 18:50:42 UTC 2015

Hey George,

> Piotr just installed ngx_brotli on my Nginx stack and works nicely in
> Firefox 44 nightly tests. However, it might have broken ngx_pagespeed
> support for me in Firefox 44 nightly
> https://github.com/pagespeed/ngx_pagespeed/issues/1021.

Well, that's disappointing... Thanks for testing and reporting this!

> ngx_pagspeed works fine for https on my site with Chrome, Opera and Firefox
> 43 dev edition as they don't support Brotli so I am assuming Firefox 44 +
> brotli is what is breaking ngx_pagespeed ?

It's the filter execution ordering that breaks ngx_pagespeed.

Basically, right now, ngx_pagespeed runs after Brotli compression, so
it sees compressed content, which it doesn't know how to optimize...
This should be fixed shortly ;)

Best regards,
Piotr Sikora

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