Nginx as proxy for Exchange 2013 : RPC?

jbostoen nginx-forum at
Sun Feb 14 11:22:25 UTC 2016

I've had most success so far with this approach (Tigunov's config -
( btw, I'm using Basic Authentication rather than NTLM ).

server {
keepalive_timeout 3h;
proxy_read_timeout 3h;
#reset_timedout_connection on;
tcp_nodelay on;
listen 443 ssl;
client_max_body_size 3G;
#proxy_pass_header Authorization;
proxy_pass_header Date;
proxy_pass_header Server;
proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
proxy_set_header Accept-Encoding "";
proxy_pass_request_headers on;
proxy_set_header Host $host;
proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
proxy_http_version 1.1;
proxy_request_buffering off;
proxy_buffering off;
proxy_set_header Connection "Keep-Alive";

    location / {
            proxy_pass https://exchange.internal/;
            proxy_next_upstream error timeout invalid_header http_500


With Microsoft's Remote Connectivity Analyzer, I  now get up to the point
where ActiveSync is tested. "OPTIONS" works, FolderSync fails ( something
about a request being aborted or canceled, no further details ).

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